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13th Oct 2020 12:00pm

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31st Dec 2020 11:55pm

Nova Health is a nursing and caregiving agency working with public and private hospitals, resthomes, Hospice, clinics, in-home care, and more.
We are looking for experienced, qualified and flexible nurses with great skills and a passion to care. You need to be comfortable walking into unfamiliar territory and have confidence in your own ability. Working for Nova Health, you’ll have the opportunity to work in lots of different locations. It’s exciting and no two days will be the same.
Agency work is flexible, you tell us the days and shifts that you are available for work and we match that with the requests from our clients. 
Some of the skills you will require include:
  • Trained and comfortable in working in a range of environments
  • Competent in using all equipment and techniques common within the industry
  • Good attitude and fantastic people skills
  • Common sense (and a sense of humour!) – adaptable to any situation
  • The ability to travel to various sites
For more information see our website www.novahealth.co.nz/jobsstaff/

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