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30th Aug 2021 03:00pm

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1st Oct 2021 08:00am

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As a product assembler and fitter for CAMCO Industries, you will be part of a team that assembles and installs vehicle fit-outs and products according to engineering assembly and installation documents. You will be adding value to the team by assisting the team leader to achieve quick turn-around installations of our extensive product range and at the same time giving feedback regarding improvements related to the assembly and installation of these products by way of in-house quality processes.
You will function as part of a team that carries out a diverse range of tasks related to the assembly and fit-out of our customer vehicles.
  • Previous experience with assembling alloy and stainless sheet metal products & fitting vehicles or similar products.
  • Must be able to take instruction well.
  • The ability to read and interpret engineering plans is essential.
  • An interest in all things automotive.
  • Hands-on worker with practical knowledge and can think on your feet Mechanical or electrical engineer experience or similar qualification



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