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Seeka Seasonal Jobs - Kiwifruit Harvest

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Seasonal - start March, end around mid-June


4 months ago

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7th Apr 2020 12:00am

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15th Oct 2020 12:00am


Seeka has been recognised as an essential service in providing food and is able to continue operating during the kiwifruit harvest.

Each year Seeka needs 3,000 seasonal kiwifruit workers. Our short-term jobs usually start around March and finish around mid-June. There are also opportunities for reliable seasonal workers to continue working until November. We need dedicated and reliable people who are prepared to work any day of the week. Packhouse work can seem daunting at first; it doesn’t slow down until the end but those who hang in there have a lot of fun along the way, have the opportunity to earn some good money in a short space of time and make new friends.

We are committed to providing a safe work environment, whether it's on the orchard or in the packhouse. We have a strict cleaning protocols and operating processes in place to keep our business safe for all employees. Social distancing will be required to and from work, as well as during work. When you are not at work you are required to observe stay at home rules.

We're recruiting for seasonal jobs now, register below or call 0800SEEKAJOBS 

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